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Good Mood You-Topia

\\\    We rest on the Coast of Maine.     ///
\\    We play on the Coast of Maine.     //
\    We work on the Coast of Maine.     /
(We add fun things to the Blogstah Roll... on the Coast of Maine.)
Sun can shine through trees before it reaches our skin, and we are grateful to be alive. 
If nothing else, let's recall a warm feeling and a cool breeze so we can talk about our shared values. Creativity is important. Art parties are fun! Nature inspires us. Our job is to hold space, and we can shape it together. Thank you for being here.
The Good Supply Midcoast Artisan Store Made in Maine USA
The Good Supply is deeply rooted in the nature, people, history, and culture of Maine. It provides a meeting place for local artists, travelers, chefs, farmers, and business people to come together. A visitor at our barn once told us that integrity and integration share the same root word so all people regardless of chosen or inherited identity are welcome.

The Good Supply Made in Maine USA Pemaquid Small Business Home Decor and Gift Store

Representing more than 90 Maine-based artists in our restored barn storefront, our collection reveals not just a sentimentality regarding people but also special objects.

 'Art in the Barn' 

The Good Supply Midcoast Artisan Store Made in Maine USA Art in the Barn Artist Interview Video Series
We started a video interview series introducing some of Midcoast's most dedicated artisans. You can find out about their processes on their own websites and social media presences so here, we try to ask questions that are a little more personal. For example, "How do you start your day?"

Summer Art Party - You're Invited

The Good Supply Art Opening Judy Blooms

 Our restored post and beam barn is an up-and-coming venue for contemporary art. Every year, Events are curated to bring community together. Sign up for our newsletter in the footer for news regarding art exhibits, open houses, artist workshops, and more.

2020 made it so that we could not gather like we used to; however, we are making lemonade where we can.

"You can't spell Heart without Art."
- Catherine McLetchie, 2020

 The Good Supply Post and Beam Barn Storefront Midcoast Maine Pemaquid Handmade