Our Story

We have a lot of love for Maine's natural beauty and the human will to create. It was 2012 when the idea for this small business became reality. What began with the work of just 16 artists in the small building behind the barn has grown to over 100. The large majority (90% is our marker) are Maine-based. Artists and small businesses from out of state are teachers in their communities or artists working with recycled and renewable materials. We are so proud to show you all of this work made by our neighbors and friends.

Life and professional experiences, good role models, and a supportive partner (thanks Karl) encouraged Catherine Walton to put out a regional ‘Call to Artisans’ in her Maine community. A newspaper notice was written and flyers hung around town as an invitation to start what has become an integral home base for arts in Midcoast.

In the years since that first summer, The Good Supply has grown in exciting and new ways. Catherine and Karl worked tirelessly with friends to restore the 1850’s barn, and in 2013, the storefront moved to fill the new space. Each year the walls brim a bit more. Fresh work by many of those original artists, along with that of new makers, keeps the barn vibrant and welcoming. It’s not uncommon for visitors to tell us they want to live in the barn. Believe us, so do we! Our greatest compliment comes when those same visitors circle the barn more than once.

Along with physical growth, we are working hard to grow our website. Walking into the barn, tactile and sensory, can never be replicated in cyberspace. We are doing our best to come close with a site that is fun, informative, and full of all the amazing work available in the barn. 

Thank you for your curiosity and support of the arts. We hope you'll keep checking back and come visit us in the barn!

The Good Supply Pemaquid Maine Midcoast Artisan Store Restored post and beam barn Handmade Gifts Independent Artist Small Business USA G the Pup Store Mascot

We are so grateful to our community and friends. Thank you to Kenneth Kortemeier of Midcoast Craft School, Trey Walker, Daria Boivin of Luksin,  and Trelawney O'Brien and Claire Brassil of Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts for being part of our video by GLP Films.