George Mason Art Installation 'In Motion'

Maine Artist George Mason Installs Kinetic Art Wall Panels at The Good Supply

A press release is being drafted to announce that active Lincoln County community member and cofounder of Midcoast Maine's Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts artist George Mason has honored us with an installation of kinetic art panels for our 7th Anniversary season!

Maine Artist George Mason Art Panels Installation at The Good Supply in Pemaquid

Larger pieces are comprised of plaster on burlap panels covered with paints and wax, which build up a relief texture of imagined symbols. Each piece hangs on a French cleat and is layered individually to create the whole. 

Maine Artist George Mason Installs Kinetic Sculpture Art Panels at The Good Supply in Pemaquid

The 'kinetic' reference has to do with the motion implied and made accessible by the ability to hang these interesting plaster-on-burlap works of art from beams. When installed against a wall, intentional space creates room for air to flow around it. A gentle breeze or gust of wind has the power to move the artwork. When that natural phenomenon occurs, it instigates another - the suspended piece seems to have breath, to become alive with movement.

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