• Sheepstock 2020!

    Summer craft fairs and Fall festivals transitioned to virtual experiences due to COVID-19 - and while we were unable to gather on the great lawn up at the Common Ground Country Fair - we decided to make a way to safely commune on a smaller scale.
    The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Midcoast Artisan Store Gotland Sheep Pelt Fall Sale Event Made in USA
    On Saturday, October 17, 2020, we will host a Fall Sale Event with micro-appointments at our Baaarn and in our Dooryard! If you feel safe to be out and about while wearing your mask, please join us for a celebration of all things wooly and warm!
    The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Midcoast Artisan Store Gotland Sheep Pelt Sheepskins for Sheepstock 2020 Made in USA

    In order to maintain a safe and relaxing experience for small party shopping, we will be holding 45-minute micro appointments. Social distancing and best practices will be in place, masks are required, and hand sanitizer will be provided.

    The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Midcoast Artisan Store Gotland Sheep Pelt Sheepskins for Sheepstock 2020 Made in USA

    Beautiful Gotland sheep pelts from local Shepherdess Laurel Gates of Shepherd Craft Farm; hand-spun and knit hats, cowls, and neck-warmers; as well as waxed canvas Ushanka hats will be available for sale. The fleecy goodness will also include yarn from Laurel's neighbors at Around the Well Farm in Whitefield!

    The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Midcoast Artisan Store Gotland Sheep Pelt Sheepskins for Sheepstock 2020 Made in USA

    On her farm in Woolwich, ME, Gates raises Gotland sheep. The Gotland breed is best known for their luxurious wool. Soft curls and a silky coat make for wool that is soft and light with a lustrous shimmer.

    The herd is shorn twice a year for their amazing fleeces. The harmony and connection between farmer, animal, and the land is deeply respected and nothing goes to waste. Gates has the pelts tanned by a low-chemical operation in Vermont to ensure quality for years of use.

    The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Midcoast Artisan Store Gotland Sheep Pelt Sheepskins for Sheepstock 2020 Made in USA
  • "Ask A Shepherdess"

    The Good Supply Open Hours in the Barn Holiday 2019 Ask a Shepherdess Event in Pemaquid Maine

    The holiday season is in full swing, and The Good Supply in Pemaquid invites the public to celebrate “Ask a Shepherdess”—a special day with Sheepscot Valley sheep farmer Laurel Gates of Shepherds Craft Farm—on December 15 from 10am–6pm.

    A preview will be held December 14 from 10am–6pm for visitors to enjoy a first look at a large selection of unique and lustrous pelts, silky hand-spun and -knit wool hats and shawlettes, Ushunka hats lined with Gotland fleece, and a variety of hand-forged high carbon steel knives made by the shepherdess herself.

    The Good Supply Holidays in the Barn Store Hours Ask A Shepherdess Event with Laurel Gates of Shepherds Craft Farm

    Refreshments will be served both days, and original artwork and housewares by nearly 100 Maine artists will be available for holiday shoppers to finish checking off their gift lists.

    Shepherds Craft Farm moved from Northern California to Whitefield, Maine in 2015 in search of lush, green pastures, and since then, the flock and Ms. Gates have been thriving. Gates says, “I strive to integrate my flock with the landscape to provide a sustainable living for the crea- tures that share it. Using all parts of the sheep honors their lives and creates products that can bring warmth for many years.”

    Gotland Sheep are known for their silky, lustrous, and perfectly curly wool. Originating in Sweden, the breed boasts a supremely soft fleece, which is often used in interior design. Laurel’s farm embraces sensible offshoots related to her needs as a shepherdess including the creation of wool wearables to keep her warm while minding the flock in Maine’s variable weather. The result is a fiber-lover’s trove of lustrous handspun accessories.

    Her woolen goods have expanded to include hand-forged high carbon steel knives, which prove useful for farm work and butchering, and the building of timber frames, which offer shel- ter for the work. It is necessary for a shepherdess to be a “Jane of all trades,” which will make for very interesting conversation with Ms. Gates during this special holiday event.

    About Shepherds Craft Farm

    Shepherds Craft Farm tends a fertile, perennial-based farm in the Sheepscot Valley of Maine. It is home to a flock of Gotland, Teeswater, and Merino sheep cared for by trusty Border Collies, Great Pyrenees dogs, and shepherdess Laurel Gates.

    The farm operates using rotational grazing practices, which results in a grass-based and sus- tainable system. Benefits that include breed integrity and enriched earth. In addition to caring for animals, the farm is a center for the creation of high carbon steel hand-forged knives and timber frames made to order.

  • Which Way Wreaths

    Wreath Pick Up at The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Featuring Sustainably Harvested Greens by Rachel Alexandrou of Which Way Wreaths

    Artist and environmental horticulturist Rachel Alexandrou will cohost a Wreath Pick-up Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1 for Which Way Wreaths.

    Lush swags, wreaths, and garlands harvested sustainably in Lincoln County and constructed by Alexandrou will be available for sale during the weekend-long event or can be pre-ordered through The Good Supply’s website.

    “Inviting Rachel to collaborate provides a special opportunity to educate people about what ‘harvesting sustainably’ actually means,” says The Good Supply founder Catherine McLetchie.

    This event marks the second collaboration between The Good Supply and Which Way Wreaths. However, it is the first time Alexandrou’s sustainably-harvested greenery will be available on The Good Supply’s website giving locals the option to pre-oder and giving virtual visitors access to nature from our area.

    Wreaths, five foot and ten foot garlands, swags, and room sprays will be for sale (prices start at $17). The name Which Way Wreaths comes from getting lost in the woods with friends while collecting boughs. Gathering sustainably means finding new land to harvest from so every year, Alexandrou ponders, “which way will I go to find my materials?” She may very well be in woods near you.

    About Which Way Wreaths

    Which Way Wreaths is a continuation of Rachel Alexandrou's foraging practice, which is centered around sustainability and a recognition that plants add significant value to the human experience. Alexandrou — an artist, activist, environmental horticulturist, and cookbook author — views access to plant education as social justice.
    In 2018, she received a SCOPE (Student Community Outreach Program Experience) grant from The University of Maine for work addressing food insecurity and promoting family values in Maine. Her work currently benefits Lincoln County. She is farm manager for Newcastle-based community group Veggies to Table, which grows top-quality organic produce to donate to low income families.



  • MessFEST

    2018 Holiday Shopping Hours at The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Mess Fest with Kate and Jonathan Mess 

    The Good Supply Mess Fest Holiday Gathering with Kate and Jonathan in Midcoast Maine

    The Good Supply Line

    End of Season Holiday Party with Kate and Jonathan Mess

    Pemaquid, ME—The season for gathering is here, and The Good Supply has special plans to bring the community together around a “mess” of good art. Presenting both freshly-fired artwork and jewelry by Jefferson-based artists Kate and Jonathan Mess, MESS FEST will be held the weekend of December 15th and 16th from 10am to 6pm at The Good Supply’s seasonally decorated restored barn in Pemaquid. 

    MESS FEST AT THE GOOD SUPPLY End of Season Holiday Party with Kate and Jonathan Mess 

    Highlights of the two-day event include work by 90 Maine artists and makers along with collections by Kate and Jonathan Mess that are brand new to The Good Supply. There will be a special artist reception for Kate and Jonathan beginning at 2pm on Sunday, December 16th. The reception is free for the public, and all are welcome to attend. To help you finish up your holiday shopping, complimentary gift wrapping in seasonal colors will be available, along with a selection of holiday cards. 

    MESS FEST AT THE GOOD SUPPLY End of Season Holiday Party with Kate and Jonathan Mess

    Kate Mess will introduce her “Faceted Chain Collection” at the weekend’s event. The hand-forged, geometric, silver and gold jewelry is lightweight, contemporary sculpture that can be worn every day. Compositions are familiar yet abstracted sea life-inspired shapes represented in a handmade chain form—each link is individually bent, soldered, and hammered by hand.

    MESS FEST AT THE GOOD SUPPLY End of Season Holiday Party with Kate and Jonathan Mess

    Jonathan Mess will share a collection of new vessels from his “Coastal Series,” including vases, bowls, cups, and mugs typically only offered directly from his studio. Jonathan says, “My work is driven by exploration in ceramic materials, usually in the form of sculpture and wall objects, but every year around this time, I’m inspired to make unique functional vessels for friends and family. This year, I want to share these pieces with my local community of Maine students, friends involved with Lincoln Academy, neighbors, and others who like my style.”

    Kate Mess Award Winning Metalsmith Enamel and Jewelry Artist in Midcoast Maine

    About Kate Mess

    Kate Mess is an award-winning contemporary jeweler, artist, and designer. She muses with enamel, metal, pattern, and ornamentation while taking inspiration from her home: Rugged and gorgeous Midcoast Maine. Making jewelry that pushes boundaries and offers a new definition of adornment, Kate is intrigued by experimentation, clever design, color, pater, and silhouette. Her work illustrates how she values taking time—allowing process to guide and inspire her. 

     Contemporary Ceramics Artist Jonathan Mess of Midcoast Maine

    About Jonathan Mess

    Jonathan Mess is a contemporary ceramic artist from Midcoast Maine who allows his art to be given by instinct and experimentation. The freedom in his process unifies his various series, which are energetic, ambitious, and environmentally focused. Using reclaimed materials and unconventional techniques, Jonathan has a unique style that is sought after throughout the state of Maine and beyond. His work is a vehicle for education, guiding viewers to consider waste, recycling, and purposeful art.  He is an educator, teaching ceramic and sculpture courses at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle. His work was included in the Portland Museum of Art 2018 Biennial and will be featured at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum 2019 Biennial.