• "Ask A Shepherdess"

    The Good Supply Open Hours in the Barn Holiday 2019 Ask a Shepherdess Event in Pemaquid Maine

    The holiday season is in full swing, and The Good Supply in Pemaquid invites the public to celebrate “Ask a Shepherdess”—a special day with Sheepscot Valley sheep farmer Laurel Gates of Shepherds Craft Farm—on December 15 from 10am–6pm.

    A preview will be held December 14 from 10am–6pm for visitors to enjoy a first look at a large selection of unique and lustrous pelts, silky hand-spun and -knit wool hats and shawlettes, Ushunka hats lined with Gotland fleece, and a variety of hand-forged high carbon steel knives made by the shepherdess herself.

    The Good Supply Holidays in the Barn Store Hours Ask A Shepherdess Event with Laurel Gates of Shepherds Craft Farm

    Refreshments will be served both days, and original artwork and housewares by nearly 100 Maine artists will be available for holiday shoppers to finish checking off their gift lists.

    Shepherds Craft Farm moved from Northern California to Whitefield, Maine in 2015 in search of lush, green pastures, and since then, the flock and Ms. Gates have been thriving. Gates says, “I strive to integrate my flock with the landscape to provide a sustainable living for the crea- tures that share it. Using all parts of the sheep honors their lives and creates products that can bring warmth for many years.”

    Gotland Sheep are known for their silky, lustrous, and perfectly curly wool. Originating in Sweden, the breed boasts a supremely soft fleece, which is often used in interior design. Laurel’s farm embraces sensible offshoots related to her needs as a shepherdess including the creation of wool wearables to keep her warm while minding the flock in Maine’s variable weather. The result is a fiber-lover’s trove of lustrous handspun accessories.

    Her woolen goods have expanded to include hand-forged high carbon steel knives, which prove useful for farm work and butchering, and the building of timber frames, which offer shel- ter for the work. It is necessary for a shepherdess to be a “Jane of all trades,” which will make for very interesting conversation with Ms. Gates during this special holiday event.

    About Shepherds Craft Farm

    Shepherds Craft Farm tends a fertile, perennial-based farm in the Sheepscot Valley of Maine. It is home to a flock of Gotland, Teeswater, and Merino sheep cared for by trusty Border Collies, Great Pyrenees dogs, and shepherdess Laurel Gates.

    The farm operates using rotational grazing practices, which results in a grass-based and sus- tainable system. Benefits that include breed integrity and enriched earth. In addition to caring for animals, the farm is a center for the creation of high carbon steel hand-forged knives and timber frames made to order.

  • 'The Annex' Opens

    The Good Supply Spring Fling and Sale to Debut The Annex

    The Annex: This new venture in our roadside out building is sure to delight.

    Friends Katherine Garren and Leigh Tilden have collaborated for 6 years to hone their skills cleverly repurposing and reimagining one of a kind antiques. Their goal? To create useful and unique furniture for the casual home. Leigh Tilden says, “Both of us are seeing the world differently since we started this - saw horses turn into tables, boxes become shelves, feeding troughs become planters. The strangest pieces have become mirrors.”

    Pictured above, The Good Supply proprietor Catherine McLetchie sits in 'The Annex.' She says, "I am so excited to formally debut The Annex! It's a great project being realized by two very fun and talented women. Their version of "upcyle" is funky and innovative. I can't wait to raise a glass to our collaboration and toast to the great season ahead!" 

  • Yoga at The Good Supply

    A Journey Into the 8 Limbs of Yoga

    Pemaquid, ME —The Good Supply is offering a series of yoga classes that will explore the “8 Limbs of Yoga” beginning the week of September 21 and ending the week of November 2. The public is invited to drop in on classes during scheduled times at The Good Supply’s yoga studio located behind its post and beam storefront.

    Pemaquid Maine Yoga at The Good Supply

    Certified instructor Adam Weatherford will lead classes that incorporate discussion into sequences of traditional yoga poses. Initiating and ending classes with conversation is meant to build a feeling of togetherness, which students can take with them when they leave the studio. The “8 Limbs of Yoga” consist of the don’ts of life, the do’s of self, breath work, physical poses, meditation, steadiness of mind, and enlightenment.

    Each class will be driven organically by participants’ own perspectives and experiences and paired with a physical practice. The style that will be used is a ladder vinyasa that will build up to a peak pose and flow into meditation.

    Weekly Yoga Schedule at The Good Supply

    Pricing will be affordable and cost $6.00 per one-hour session or $20.00 for a weekly pass. The schedule for classes will be Wednesday 6:45pm—7:45pm, Thursday 9:00am—10:00am and 5:30pm—6:30pm, Friday 5:30am—6:30am, and Sunday 3:00pm—4:00pm. Students should bring a water bottle, yoga mat, and towel. If necessary, the venue has a limited supply to lend.

    The Good Supply, a small business known for promoting the work of local artisans, is open through October 16. Weatherford’s weekly classes will extend through November 6. The classes are designed to strengthen participants as individuals and as a community. All levels of experience and ability are encouraged to attend.

    Yoga at The Good Supply
    About Adam Weatherford

    Adam experienced his first yoga class 12 years ago and has practiced all over the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Belize. He achieved his 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification under the direction of the Devotional School of Yoga, which focuses not only on physical poses but encourages students to explore attributes of the practice that go beyond the mat.

    With a background in sports nutrition, substance abuse counseling, wildlife conservation, and behavioral therapies, Adam brings a holistic self-approach to the physical asana, which is the sanskrit word for pose. He hopes his involvement with The Good Supply will strengthen its mission to “cultivate community.”