2018 Season Opening

As always, we have had a busy Spring! Here are some "process" pictures to document our getting ready for the season. If you'd like to see what the store looks like now, come on by or check us out on Instagram or Facebook

The Good Supply Pemaquid Maine

Our baby Josephine Lily turned 1 and officially joined the work team. Above, she is pictured "counting inventory" and taking a moment to check out a bird outside the office window.

The Good Supply Barn Pemaquid Maine

Everything was removed from the barn so we could do a thorough cleaning. All of the walls were wire-brushed by hand, and the floors got a new coat of oil for waterproofing and general  maintenance.

The Good Supply Barn Catherine in Pemaquid Maine

I only got a little loopy doing the floors in this 25' x 30' structure. For those who are curious, we always use a 3-part mix of equal amounts of stain, linseed oil, and mineral spirits. It really soaks into the floors in a nice way, and leaves the barn smelling great.

The Good Supply Trey Walker Barn Pemaquid Maine

The inside of the barn wasn't the only thing to receive some TLC. The exterior of the barn was painted by Trey Walker's Pemaquid crew. If that name sounds familiar to you, you may recognize it from admiring his Stag Horn Oyster Shucking Knives.

The Good Supply Annex in Pemaquid Maine

Liz is back for another season! This gal is a huge asset to the shop. She not only makes all of the incredible mosaic glass artwork in the shop, she's officially my co-curator.

Here, she's pictured in The Annex, which will formally debut during our big Spring Fling on June 16. More details about that event can be found here.

The Good Supply G the Pup Pemaquid Maine

Finally, we know you're curious: G the Pup is doing just fine. She has become a very good big sister to Josephine Lily now that our human babe eats real food and tosses her extras on the floor.

Above, G is pictured Down East taking in a little R&R before the season really gets going. Come by to visit all of us! This is going to be a great year for The Good Supply, and we thank you all so much for being a part of it!