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Islandport Press 'Bert and I' The Book Printed and Published in Maine USA
  • Islandport Press 'Bert and I' The Book Printed and Published in Maine USA
  • $16.95

Bert and I ... The Book features more than sixty classic stories from the legendary storytellers Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan, the godfathers of Down East humor, who together created the now-iconic "Bert and I" stories starting in the 1950s.

The characters everyone loves and remembers are all here: Bert and his fellow fisherman known only as "I", Gagnon, World Champion Moose Caller, Virgil Bliss, the dirtiest man in Hancock County, Arnold Bunker, Kenneth Fowler, Camden Pierce, Harry Whitfield, and many more.

The stories in this book are drawn from five "Bert and I" albums recorded over nearly two decades, including the seminal Bert and I ... And Other Stories from Down East, perhaps the most important comedy album in New England history.

Bert and I ... The Book also includes the first complete "Bert and I" discography, including original album art and liner notes, as well as an introduction by Rebecca Rule, a New Hampshire author and storyteller (Live Free and Eat Pie!, Headin' for the Rhubarb!) who writes and performs stories in the grand tradition of "Bert and I."

- Softcover
- 140 pages
- Short vignettes with Maine humor

Islandport Press is a dynamic, award-winning publisher dedicated to stories rooted in the essence and sensibilities of New England.

Based in Yarmouth, Maine, Islandport Press was founded in 1999 and published its first book in 2000. Since then, the company has published well over a hundred books by a diverse array of New England writers and illustrators.

Islandport Press promotes local writers and illustrators by not only publishing their work but also by supporting authors through the daunting publishing process. They are a small, locally-minded press that seeks to share information to help aspiring writers navigate their way along the path to publication.

Interested in installing a “story walk” in your home or community? Islandport Press sells a few of their books deconstructed and enlarged into 11” by 17” spreads and printed on heavy card stock ready to mount on posts, display cases, or walls. They can also work with you to make more permanent installations or develop other Islandport books into a story walk.

From the publisher: “We strive to capture and explore the grit, heart, beauty, and infectious spirit of the region by telling tales, real and imagined, that can be appreciated in many forms by readers, dreamers, and adventurers everywhere.”

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