Thin Brass Whalebone Necklace

Anita Roelz Metalsmith

Thin Brass Whalebone Necklace
  • Thin Brass Whalebone Necklace
  • $50.00

A slim and elegantly curved design invokes a whale bone. This handsome necklace has an adjustable leather cord and features a hand-forged, hand-patterned untreated pendant with soldered silver rings.

The pendant hangs from 2mm leather cord tied with slip knots allowing it to be adjusted from 16” to 29” in length. Polished to reveal the unique details of the patterned metal that result from the hand-hammering process, the metal pendant will develop a gorgeous worn patina over time. To restore original shine, polish with light steel wool or a jewelry cloth. 

- Approximately 2.25” x 1/8” 
- Brass or sterling silver pendant, leather cord

Inspired by her natural surroundings and attuned to the animating power of daydreaming, Anita Roelz is a metalsmith who creates fine yet rugged daily-wear jewelry for all people.

Her resonance with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water is reflected in her work, while her commitment to honoring the history within the tools of her trade becomes evident with her loving use of antique hammers and a 150-year old anvil. Her senses inform her process; colors and textures fuel her creative spark; and her connection with embodied earth wisdom inherent in the metals and precious gemstones guides her hand.

Working from her home studio on Montsweag Bay, all aspects of Anita’s metal smithing process are performed by hand - from hammering and texturing, sanding and shaping, to sculpting and polishing. Her creative process is an emanation of her life energy merging with that of the raw materials, together dancing to create novel forms that speak to their original nature, yet bridge the physical and spiritual experience. 

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