Wall Clock in Pelin Burl

Louis Charlett

Louis Charlett Woodworking Wall Clock in Pelin Burl Made in Maine USA
  • Louis Charlett Woodworking Wall Clock in Pelin Burl Made in Maine USA
  • $95.00

In our fast world full of numbers and data, a minimalist wooden clock is soothing and grounding. We cannot stop time, but we ourselves can pause to admire the imaginative patterns found in nature and translated to the surface of this clock face in the form of perfectly finished veneers.

The artist uses a superior oil-based finish that truly illuminates the delicate patterns of the wood grain. At the same time, it will protect and preserve the veneer, repelling stains and moisture.  

- Measures 12"
- Pelin Burl

Louis Charlett has been designing and building hand-crafted fine furniture for over twenty-eight years. His wide diversity of work combines time-tested classic designs and joinery techniques with contemporary inspirations.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Charlett started his career as a civil engineer. Changing course in the mid-1970's, he moved to Maine. His new position as joinery shop foreman in a yacht building company introduced him to the world of woodworking.

In 1981, he heeded his creative call and started Charlett Woodworking, based out of his studio in New Gloucester, Maine. He has developed a unique blended style that pays homage to classic designs from Shaker chairs to Asian architecture.

Creating custom furniture designs for homes has shaped Charlett’s artistic process. Whether collaborating with his customers directly on an installation, or crafting pieces for his repertoire of  beautiful boxes and trays, Charlett lets each piece of woodwork tell its unique creation story.

From the artist: "I vividly recall, as a boy, walking in the woods and passing my hands over the bark of the trees as I went...feeling the different textures and feeling a connection. I still feel that connection to the wood each time I go into the studio. Enjoy my work, and thank you."

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