Reusable Wool Dryer Balls


The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Collection LooHoo Dryer Balls Made in USA
  • The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Collection LooHoo Dryer Balls Made in USA
  • $11.00

Reduce harmful chemicals in your laundry and in the environment with Loohoo Dryer Balls. 

Made in Maine from 100% domestically-sourced wool, these dryer balls are a sustainable energy-saving alternative to dryer sheets. Wool naturally absorbs toxins and odors, leading to clean-smelling laundry that is softened by the tumbling action of the balls.

Using Loohoo dryer balls increases air circulation within the load which can reduce overall drying time 10-25%, which saves money and electricity. Lasting for hundreds of loads, Loohoos can be creatively repurposed at the end of their useful life and are non-toxic and biodegradable. 

Suggested use: 3 balls for small to medium loads, 5 balls for medium to large loads. 

- Measures approximately 3” x 3”
- 100% domestically sourced wool
- Non-toxic, low-acid dye used for color
- Wash with warm soapy water in washing machine if needed

The desire to provide a healthy and chemical-free household for her child influenced Loohoo founder Cyndi Prince to develop a safe and eco-conscious alternative to dryer sheets.

Committed to supporting her local economy, Cyndi sources all the wool for Loohoo balls domestically. The wool is processed and the dryer balls are manufactured fewer than 100 miles from the company’s headquarters in Camden, Maine. Cyndi knows that health and happiness are two sides of the same coin, and her goal is to foster health in families and the environment alike. 

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