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Saturn Press

  • $10.00

Letterpress stationery printed on recycled paper, adorned with a black & white Remington header, has never looked so handsome. Designed for Lovers of the Pen, you need not worry about about your handwriting:

"Your penmanship may not rival that of the calligraphy master who created the images for this handsome stationery, but that is of no importance.  To your distant friend, the handwriting they most long to see is your own."

- Paper measures 6.25" x 9"
- 10 sheets & 10 envelopes
- Recycled paper
- Colorful paper folder included

Saturn Press is an eco-concious company based on Swan's Island off the Maine coast. 3 folks work together to make this international business happen. (Jane Goodrich creates the designs, James vanPernis runs the company's 4 antique printing presses, and a sweet gal named Kathy answers the phone and takes care of shipping 3 days a week.)

Using an old-fashioned letterpress technique, paper sourced from a sustainable family-run mill, and a love for what they do, Saturn Press creates striking cards that will make a lasting impression no matter who the recipient.

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