Wild Maine Wreaths for Pick-Up Only


Wild Maine Wreaths for Pick-Up Only
  • Wild Maine Wreaths for Pick-Up Only
  • Wreath Pick Up 2022 with Rachel Alexandrou Old Barn Midcoast Maine Artisan Store The Good Supply Pemaquid Made in USA photo by Justin Smulski
  • $50.00

Forager, botanist, and community plant educator Rachel Alexandrou has rebranded her seasonal business! Now Giantdaughter, Rachel has grown her small business into a small enterprise working with other forager artists to manifest her unique designs. We are honored to say that this will be our sixth year working with Rachel. There is a reason why we love her wreaths.

These wreaths are posted for pre-orders and pick-ups only, and this is her signature style with mixed wild greens and berries. For a bright, lush, fragrant, and generally appealing wreath, select your ideal size below. An 18" wreath is pictured here so imagine a wreath like the one pictured with additional special fluff and texture as the size grows.

Please be sure to select 'Local Pick-up' at check out to reserve one for you or more than one if you agree that these make lovely seasonal gifts for best friends! May we suggest one as a 'host gift' if you plan on visiting with loved ones soon?

Giantdaughter is based on a love for botany, and the artist behind the wreaths enjoys harvesting more than just traditional balsam. Combining as many conifers or plants with ornamental berries as can be found, unique botanical arrangements are created for you to enjoy.

Among this trove of fluffy and abundant ornamental greens are juniper, pine, hemlock, cedar, spruce, and more.

- Measures 18"
- Measures 24"
- Measures 30"
- Measures 36"

Giantdaugher - formerly known as Which Way Wreaths - is a seasonal continuation of Rachel Alexandrou's teaching and foraging practice. Alexandrou is an artist, activist, environmental horticulturist, and cookbook author who views access to plant education as a means to social justice.

Rachel has always enjoyed getting lost in the woods with friends while collecting boughs. Gathering sustainably means finding new land to harvest from so every year, there is a sense of adventure and discovery as she hikes in search of her materials. The plants themselves help inform her final designs.

This is the time of year in which gathering from natures transitions from food to symbolism, scent, and ornament. Farmers and gardeners in Maine can take pause and contemplate the beauty of evergreens - plants that stick out the winter with us.

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