Winter Hours

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Barn is closed through May 24, 2022 // there's a long story + a short story // let's settle in the middle
The lightly-built timber frame is not insulated so we turn on our little propane stove for only two weekends during the holidays. It's an eco-choice that let's us hibernate a little and get things in order for the following season. Of course, we are always working on our website!
Plans for the barn this year include a new coat of finish on our floors. We are sprucing the place up for our 10th Anniversary, and folks might appreciate the new finish scent just about as much as the floor boards will appreciate the sealant.
People often ask so we'll say, we do a "french polish" with equal measures stain, linseed oil, and mineral spirits. It's a rub on, rub off method that will have our barn looking fresh soon enough.
Looking forward to seeing you in the Spring!