Our community-based Maine small business operates with a unique way of being we like to call 'Good Mood You-Topia.' The barn-shaped graphic below is a compass we use to guide our decisions large and small. 

We believe a strong foundation is necessary for structural integrity. So our compass is designed to be read from the bottom upward. Just as our barn was built by imaginative and hardworking people, so was our business philosophy:

The Good Supply Pemaquid Maine Artisan Store Midcoast Made in USA Business Philosophy Good Mood You-Topia Utopia

The qualities of 'Good Mood You-Topia' must be felt by trusting intuition but can be described with the following words. To use the compass, the first step is to assure that what you are considering is good. The next step is to assess whether it has mood. The last step is to feel that it possesses you-topia.

Good = Keep it Real

If it's real, you can relate your: Community, Values, Nature, Integration, Integrity, Origin, Quality, Authentic, Honest, One-health, Sustainable, Simple, Transparent, Follow-Through, Modern, Rituals, Recycle, Movement, Where our Food is Grown, Essential, Durable, Conscious, Thoughtful, Grateful, Ethical, Unpretentious.

Mood = Relax

If it's good, consider the look and feel: Creative, Sense, Sense of Humor, Exciting, Unique, Innovative, Artistic, Curated, Relevant, Hand-hewn, Diverse, Changes with Seasons, Design, Fresh, Cultured, Special, Intriguing, Expression, Made in Maine, Synthesis, Pleasure, Joy, Enjoyment, By the Beach, Embodied.

You-Topia = Aspire & Inspire

If it's good and has mood, reach. This is the sky level: Life, Beauty, Progress, Belonging, Communication, Art as Life and Life as Art, Friends, Family, Pets, Relationships, Optimism, Self-care, Universality, Hand of the Artist, People, Humanity, Potential, Harmony, Love, Realization, Collaboration.