Sailor’s Cure-All Tea

Cup of Sea

 The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Collection Cup of Sea Sailor's Cure-All Seaweed Tea
  •  The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Collection Cup of Sea Sailor's Cure-All Seaweed Tea
  • $14.00

A warming, aromatic blend of spicy ginger, earthy turmeric, and soothing bladderwrack is truly a cure-all tea for those who love the sea. All three ingredients are age old medicines for immune health, digestion, and inflammation.

Bladderwrack is a type of brown algae that grows in northern oceans. The main stem or thallus of bladderwrack is used medicinally. Bladderwrack takes its name from the air-filled pods or bladders attached to the thallus which help the algae float.

To brew, pour boiling water over 1 teaspoon of tea. Steep 5-7 minutes. Strain and enjoy it hot, iced, plain, or with lemon and honey.

- 1.5 oz of loose-leaf tea, makes 15–20 cups
- Ingredients: ginger, turmeric root and Maine bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus)
- Caffeine-free

Allergy information: Seaweed can sometimes contain very tiny shell fragments and is to be avoided by those with severe shellfish allergies. This tea is blended in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soy.

Cup of Sea is the perfect way to savor a taste of Maine, quite literally, wherever you are. Send it as a gift, or save it for days when you miss the magic of the sea. 

Listen closely as you pour the steeped tea from a kettle and you’ll hear it say, “Good, good, good.”

Good for human health, seaweed is a superfood containing dozens of highly beneficial minerals along with essential vitamins; omega and amino acids; and antioxidants. 

Good for Maine: the production and enjoyment of this locally-made tea supports Maine harvesters, farmers, and small businesses.

Good for the planet: seaweed is a truly renewable resource. Whether wild harvested or grown by local “farmers” on Maine’s coasts, seaweed plays a critical role in maintaining healthy marine ecosystems. It’s productivity and resilience make it an important food for building healthy and resilient communities where it is embraced as a food source.

Based in Portland, Maine, Cup of Sea makes loose-leaf herbal and caffeinated teas featuring Maine seaweeds. 

Company founder Josh Rogers combined his Maine roots with his New York food business savvy to develop a business that helps expand markets and awareness for Maine’s growing seaweed industry.

All Cup of Sea teas are blended in small batches at Heritage Seaweed, the company’s boutique shop and commercial kitchen located in the heart of Portland. 

Heritage Seaweed is a gallery-like retail shop built in an 1800s livery stables complex. They welcome visitors to learn more about the countless innovative uses of seaweed and to see Portland's working waterfront, which is home to several kelp farms.

From the Founder:

My own taste for seaweed goes back to my great grandmother, Nanna K, who loved snacking on dried dulse, a reddish-purple algae long popular in northern Maine, Canada, Iceland and Ireland. She brought that tradition with her when she and Gramp emigrated from Canada's Maritimes in the 1930s to work in Maine's shoe mills.

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