Brass Appetizer Spoon

Erica Moody

The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Erica Moody Handmade Brass Appetizer Spoon
  • The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Erica Moody Handmade Brass Appetizer Spoon
  • $67.00

Hand-formed and sanded from a single piece of brass, this small serving spoon can be called to action for serving condiments, sauces, or adding a sprinkle of garnish with elegant flare.

With time and use, a fascinating and unique patina will develop on the surface of this knife. If you wish to remove the patina and restore the knife to its original character, the artist recommends polishing with equal parts lemon juice and salt, using a scouring sponge in a circular motion.

Please do not use for long periods of time with foods that tend to be acidic like tomato sauce or lemon juice.

- Measures approximately 7” long
- Brass
- Beeswax finish
- Wash by hand, dry promptly

Erica Moody is a professional metal fabricator based in Waldoboro, Maine. She makes fine tools for cooks and builders as well as unique housewares that are worthy of prominent display when not in use. In fact, her work has been recognized in Bon Appetit magazine for its beauty and function.

Architectural installations were Moody's passion for twenty years. She relished spending time in the field of architectural metalwork working to resolve unique engineering challenges that require attention to fine detail. She has shifted to small works; however, her goal in all work remains. She is focused on well made craft. 

Erica moved to Maine in 2015 to set up a metalworking studio in the nineteenth century barn attached to her 1854 farmhouse. Erica balances her time between forging functional serving-ware and teaching metalwork to studio assistants and anyone else curious about her craft. Her regular teaching gigs include the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship and the Apprenticeship; though, one might catch her at Penland School of Crafts during a special commitment.

From the Artist:

I enjoy exploring designs that share the beauty and history of Making, and hope to elevate the experience of everyday tasks through pleasing design and a unique connection to that shared passion with a maker around a handmade object.

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