Feet You May Meet

Saturn Press

Saturn Press letterpress greeting card, Feet You May Meet
  • Saturn Press letterpress greeting card, Feet You May Meet
  • $3.50

Mossy-gray animal tracks are identified in an orange scrawl in this yester-year country sketch.

On this handsome and informative card, you may meet the following feet: muskrat, cotton-tail rabbit, mink, weasel, dog, cat, deer mouse, woodchuck, chipmunk, red squirrel, and more.

- Blank inside
- Measures 5" x 7"
- Recycled paper
- Envelope included

Saturn Press is an eco-concious company based on Swan's Island off the Maine coast. A married couple works together to make this international business happen. (Jane Goodrich creates the designs, James vanPernis runs the company's 4 antique printing presses, and a sweet gal named Kathy who used to answer the phone recently retired.)

Using an old-fashioned letterpress technique, paper sourced from a sustainable family-run mill, and a love for what they do, Saturn Press creates striking cards that will make a lasting impression no matter who the recipient.

Some folks love the vivid colors and unique images so much they request cards without envelopes to frame and hang them as wall art.

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