Lift and Learn Puzzle Deep Sea

Maple Landmark

The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Collection Maple Landmark Made in USA Deep Sea Lift and Learn Puzzle
  • The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Artist Collection Maple Landmark Made in USA Deep Sea Lift and Learn Puzzle
  • $30.00

Featuring six creatures who inhabit the ocean depths, this bold and graphic puzzle offers young explorers an opportunity to learn about deep-sea dwellers and practice shape-matching skills simultaneously. 

In the “lift and learn” design, explorers can plumb the depths to uncover facts about deep-sea life the space below each puzzle piece.

Crafted from 1/8" thick, high quality birch plywood with laser-cut pieces for precision fit, the printed images won't scrape or wear off.

Vibrant, true-to-life graphics are printed directly onto the wood and clear coated for super durability. Maple Landmark creates toys that are clean and safe for the children who will enjoy them. They go above and beyond to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used at any stage of production.

- Measures 11” x 14.75”
- Waterbased ink, urethane, lacquer
- Sustainably harvested Vermont maple

Maple Landmark has been making eco-friendly, educational wooden toys, games, and gifts since 1979 at their shop in Middlebury, Vermont. We met them at a New England Made trade fair in 2017 and couldn't resist their sustainably-harvested hardwood products.

The company seeks to honor the unique history and tradition of New England, from the mills built by the early settlers to the furniture and novelty factories of the 1900’s.

Maple Landmark founder and owner Mike Rainville first came to woodworking as a hobby in the 1970’s. When it was clear that working with wood had permanently hooked Mike, he set up the workshop that would eventually be home to a thriving family business.

The choice “Maple Landmark” as the name for the business was a natural extension of the name Mike’s family used for their maple sugaring business and dairy farm, Maple Landmark Homestead. His grandfather, Fletcher Brown made maple syrup for over 65 years.

From the Makers:

We pride ourselves in being a local company that supports other local companies who operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. We employ about 40 local folks year around. As a result of these practices we produce products that have always been safe and of superior quality.

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