Wren Stein

Tim Christensen

The Good Supply Pemaquid Maine Environmental Artist Tim Christensen Ceramic Sculpture Sgraffito Wren's Stein Made in USA
  • The Good Supply Pemaquid Maine Environmental Artist Tim Christensen Ceramic Sculpture Sgraffito Wren's Stein Made in USA
  • $175.00

An Old High German fable tells the story of how the wren became the King Of Birds, the kuningilinStory goes that the bird who could fly to the highest altitude would be made king. The powerful eagle easily outflew all others. Once aloft he was surprised to find a small bird had hidden in his plumage. The wren flew above the eagle, claiming his crown. 

While not brightly-colored like his friend the goldfinch or the ostentatious cardinal, the wren's unassuming plumage holds a song like no other. Its song is complex and trilling with seemingly impossible numbers of notes in each second.

The king of song graces the surface of a stein perfect for toasting the underdog - to perseverance, to life!

- Measures 5” tall
- Porcelain
- Sgraffito

Ceramic artist Tim Christensen divides his time between Portland and Downeast Maine. At his off-grid studio in the seaside town of Roque Bluffs, Tim finds inspiration for his porcelain pieces. Schools of herring, flocks of chattering songbirds, and all matter of sea life are skillfully carved on the surfaces of his hand-thrown and constructed forms.

Tim began working in clay in 1999, and he has been etching his black and white pieces since 2004. Using the centuries-old decorative technique of Sgraffito, Tim carves intricate worlds teeming with life and energy. Firing much of his work at Watershed Center for Ceramic Art in Newcastle, Maine, Tim finds that the collaborative Midcoast institution's salt- and wood-fire kilns add variety and allow for the possibility of happy accidents, which are common in the ceramic world and offer welcome play on the artist's meticulous carvings.

Tim has shown his work around the world and recently completed his first book. Written with co-author Carri Lange, “Reflect, Adapt, and Persevere” he tells of his travels and thoughts on environmental philosophy.

Artist Statement 

"My work is about the ever-changing web of relationships that surround us.  Individuals make contact to create relationships, relationships collide to create systems. These systems change over time in response to the other systems around them. I envision my world as an infinite collection of active counterparts, individuals symbiotically wriggling and moving and jostling for space and resources. 

In this sea of systems, of relationships, I sit and try to untangle it, sit and try to communicate what I see changing, being created, or disappearing into the past. 

This is why I work in our most durable medium, porcelain, and in our longest unbroken historical record, pottery. My work, functional in the information I convey, will be understandable to anyone with an eyeball and the ability to think abstractly. 

My goal is to make work which still speaks clearly in 10,000 years, and more importantly, to convey the complexity and richness of the world in which I am most fortunate to live."

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