Tidal Earrings No. 1 Oyster Shell

Kate Mess

Tidal Earrings No. 1 Oyster Shell
  • Tidal Earrings No. 1 Oyster Shell
  • The Good Supply in Pemaquid Maine Enamel Artist Kate Mess Statement Earrings Tidal No.1 Oyster Shell Handmade in USA
  • $325.00

Reminiscent of treasures one might find in tide pools, these earrings reflect the artist’s affinity for the sea and the myriad colors, creatures, and energies there. With a coppery sheen and hints of sea-green, these post earrings carry ocean spirit to any occasion. 

- Measure 3.5” x 0.9”
- Contrasting color on back 
- Vitreous enamel, copper, oxidized Argentium silver

Kate Mess is an award-winning contemporary jeweler, artist, and designer. She muses with enamel, metal, pattern, and ornamentation while taking inspiration from her home: rugged and gorgeous midcoast Maine.

Making jewelry that pushes boundaries and offers new definitions of adornment, Mess is intrigued by experimentation, clever design, color, pattern, and silhouette.

At The Good Supply, we believe there is infinite value in the idea of slow living; slow enough for barnacles to grow, reclaiming space and intention. That’s why we love Kate Mess.

Kate’s work and artistic processes illustrate the value of taking time. Whether hand sawing designs into metal, melting down repurposed materials, or carefully collecting the ash by-product of kiln fired enamel for the next piece of jewelry, she lets the process guide and inspire her along the way.

From the Artist:  “I enjoy imagining my creative inquiries as they leave my studio and go off into the world to live a life completed with you, emerging from my two hands in my studio in the Maine woods to come alive adorning your life or home.”

We are proud to work with both Kate and her husband Jonathan Mess, award-winning ceramic artist. Their studio endeavors have been closely linked since they met in graduate school in 2006. Renowned in their respective disciplines for innovation in pushing material boundaries, both Kate and Jonathan credit Maine’s rugged coastline and nature as their primary inspiration.

A recent Good Supply art exhibition entitled Symbiosis explored the similarities and differences in Kate and Jonathan’s work. The way their practices intertwine opens a dialogue of the benefit of cross-medium influence and experimentation. The couple work out of studio spaces in their home, a renovated gambrel barn in Jefferson, Maine.

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