Curved Tray or Lap Desk in Pommele Cherry

Louis Charlett

Curved Tray or Lap Desk in Pommele Cherry
  • Curved Tray or Lap Desk in Pommele Cherry
  • Curved Tray or Lap Desk in Pommele Cherry
  • Curved Tray or Lap Desk in Pommele Cherry
  • Curved Tray or Lap Desk in Pommele Cherry
  • $90.00

This sleek and modern wooden tray acts as a great catchall, lap desk, or serving tray. Unexpectedly lightweight, this well-made tray can be carried about to fulfill its sundry uses.

Ergonomic curves create a perfect lap desk. Simply rest the arched base on your leg as you recline on a comfortable seat and enjoy. The curved edges of the tray itself will support your forearm when writing or holding a book or tablet.

With proper care, this tray can be used to serve food. Treat it just as you would your kitchen tabletop. Please be sure to never cut on the surface with a metal or ceramic knife.

- Measures approximately 15" x 9.25" x 1.5"
- Pommele Cherry wood veneer
- Wipe clean with a damp sponge
- Do not submerge in water

About Pommele Cherry: This is American Black Cherry with exceptional color. The Pommele figure is a curl that resembles the pommels on a saddle.

Louis Charlett has been designing and building hand-crafted fine furniture for over twenty-eight years. His wide diversity of work combines time-tested classic designs and joinery techniques with contemporary inspirations.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Charlett started his career as a civil engineer. Changing course in the mid-1970's, he moved to Maine. His new position as joinery shop foreman in a yacht building company introduced him to the world of woodworking.

In 1981, he heeded his creative call and started Charlett Woodworking, based out of his studio in New Gloucester, Maine. He has developed a unique blended style that pays homage to classic designs from Shaker chairs to Asian architecture.

Creating custom furniture designs for homes has shaped Charlett’s artistic process. Whether collaborating with his customers directly on an installation, or crafting pieces for his repertoire of  beautiful boxes and trays, Charlett lets each piece of woodwork tell its unique creation story. 

From the artist: "I vividly recall, as a boy, walking in the woods and passing my hands over the bark of the trees as I went...feeling the different textures and feeling a connection. I still feel that connection to the wood each time I go into the studio. Enjoy my work, and thank you."

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