Birch Bark Container

Kenneth Kortemeier

Kenneth Kortemeier Birch Bark Container
  • Kenneth Kortemeier Birch Bark Container
  • $110.00

Birch bark has been harvested in a sustainable way in the woods up the Pemaquid River from our barn storefront and folded into container form. Topped with a hand carved stopper lid of birch, this vessel can serve as a stash spot for anything dry or act as an art piece on its own.

Kenneth Kortemeier is a woodworker and teacher in Bristol, Maine. Since 2007, he has been designing and building an off-the-grid home with his wife and son.

For the first ten years of his residence in Maine, Kenneth taught boat building and furniture making at The Carpenter's Boat Shop in Pemaquid - a mile down the road from our barn storefront. After that, he split his time between restoration carpentry and teaching woodworking classes in the region. 

Kenneth has always been interested in self-sustainability, wood work, metal work, and art work. his real focus his "essential human work," which in the words of the artists "connects us to ourselves, our environment, our fellows."

Teaching at The Carpenter's Boat Ship, Lie Nielsen, and Country Workshops in North Carolina among other reputable institutions paired with a casual mentorship with Bill Coperthwaite (author of "A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity") encouraged Kenneth to continue down the avenue of education.

He founded The Maine Coast Craft School in 2017, and teaches weekly workshops in green woodworking. He and his wife and partner in business Angela are integral members of our local community. They host pizza dinners for their students and folks in the neighborhood. Always willing to open their homes and hearts, their lessons aren't just about tools and making functional objects - they are also about community and hospitality. 

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