2019 Season Opening

2019 marks The Good Supply's 7th Anniversary season, and there is much cause for celebration! To start, our shop is open for the 2019 season. Open Store Hours are 10:00 - 6:00pm Wednesday through Sunday.

The Good Supply Barn in Pemaquid

Please be careful as you venture up the path to the shop. There is construction happening as we remove an old addition to our home in order to raise a (less rotten) smaller building in its place. 

The Good Supply Barn Storefront in Pemaquid Maine

Like all projects involving Catherine, Karl, Lil, and G of The Good Supply, this has been a community effort. Apprentices from The Carpenter's Boat Shop up the road helped remove wood from the original structure to be reused for the rebuild.

Michael Scott Alderson Restorations Round Pond Maine

Esteemed restoration carpenter Michael Scott Alderson of Round Pond and his strong crew disassembled the first 30' of the 65' structure, which turned out to be a lightly-built barn much like The Good Supply's storefront.

A newspaper from 1850 was discovered in process, and the old barn was sold to a neighbor in Round Pond.

The Good Supply Barn Storefront in Pemaquid Maine

The rest of the structure was demolished to make room for more "green space." The apple tree is happiest of all for this last bit of news. 

Our Story is evolving much like the physical change you see on site at The Good Supply's restored post-and-beam barn storefront so keep an eye out for news from us in social media and in print in The Lincoln County News publications.

The Good Supply Shop Dog G in Pemaquid Maine

PS. G and Jo Lil are happy. We look forward to seeing you!