Handwoven Fiber Art 'Winter'

EFM Studio

Handwoven Fiber Art by Liz Martone of EFM Studio Handmade in Maine USA
  • Handwoven Fiber Art by Liz Martone of EFM Studio Handmade in Maine USA
  • $195.00

Fiber art is a welcome alternative decor for walls that have grown tired of the hard angles and dusty glass of traditional framed art.

A self-taught weaver, the artist credits her childhood affinity for tying thousands of knots to create friendship bracelets. Like those knotted symbols of friendship, this weaving is a reminder to visit the seaside even when it's frozen.

A variety of found materials were used to assemble and weave this stunning piece by hand, without a loom. From hand-dyed rope to the leftover wool from a neighbor’s felting projects to the Muscongus Bay driftwood upon which the fibers are tied, the components of this weaving makes it a true reflection of the artist’s beloved home.

- Measures 36” x 14”
- Mixed fibers of rope, yarn, embroidery floss, wool roving on driftwood

Artist Liz Martone founded EFM Studio in Brooklyn, New York before relocating in 2016 to a home base in Round Pond, Maine.

Unafraid to mix urban edge with rural sensibilities, Martone has a love for all things handmade. This explains her diverse exploration of mediums, which ranges from glass to wood to fiber. 

A BFA in Illustration formalized Liz's passion for the arts and continues to inform her work. She creates unique designs, focusing on lines and the spaces between. She translates her drawings to stained glass portraits and showcases a love for color and patterns in her mosaics and weavings.

Coastal Maine inspires the artistic core of Liz’s current work. From the endlessly fascinating shapes of forest mycelia to the shifting shades of the Muscongus bay, forms of nature are observed, honored, and reimagined in the diverse collection of art created at EFM Studio.

Liz’s work is exhibited in galleries in New York and Midcoast Maine, and much of her time is spent creating custom architectural installations for private and commercial clients.

From the artist: “I have always been drawn to the simplicity of lines and linear movement.  With a foundation in 2D mediums, I love taking the idea of a line and pushing what that concept is to the viewer in 3D works - to take a drawing and elevate it to a tactile level.  Using a method that may seem dated, I love giving my weavings a modern twist, the use of my knots become the lines that I love so much."


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