Wood Hand Cream

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Wood Hand Cream
  • Wood Hand Cream
  • Wood Hand Cream
  • $14.00

There’s nothing better than WOOD Super Thick Hand Cream for soothing overworked hands.

Portland General Store’s favorite standby is a non-greasy, coconut oil based cream works well for body and feet, too. Luxurious and natural, WOOD Super Thick Hand Cream is scented generously with essential oils of cedar, hiba wood, patchouli, vetiver grass, and vanilla.

- Packed in a 120ml amber PET jar with screw cap
- Vegan

Portland General Store exists to offer men a one-stop shop for luxury - natural grooming products that are well designed with ingredients from ethical sources.

Portland General Store’s all-natural products are free from harmful ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, and paraffin wax, which do not allow your skin to breathe and can clog pores. Their all-natural ingredients, like essential oils and raw beeswax, have well-known anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The company underlines the fact that Petrolatum is non-renewable resource, and the use of ingredients derived from it is inherently non-sustainable. Portland General Store uses all-natural, renewable ingredients and makes every effort to source them locally when possible.

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