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    Pemaquid, ME (July 2, 2012) Pemaquid’s newest shop celebrates its grand opening Wednesday, July 11.  The Good Supply, based at 2106 Bristol Road, creatively curates housewares and gifts sourced from some of the region’s greatest talents.  Those who wish to support local artisans and seek unique items for their homes or gifts for any occasion can rest assured that their purchases directly benefit the artisans involved.  

    The Good Supply Midcoast Maine First Storefront

    Company founder Catherine Walton, an artisan herself, developed her concept for The Good Supply while working with a small direct trade company based in Seattle.  The idea that both artisans and patrons can benefit from open communication resonated with Walton.  She says, “A certain kind of consumer will go out of his or her way to buy products with a story - a story about the art’s process or the individual creating the art.  My business is about introducing that consumer to artisans in the area and telling those stories.” 

    Store merchandise includes mostly useable wares.  Following the mantra “form follows function,” almost every item in the store serves a purpose - those same products just happen to be handsome to boot.

    With one-of-a-kind works from regional artists and various products from local wholesalers, the main unifying factor for objects exhibited at The Good Supply is Walton’s eclectic eye for design.  By hand-selecting items that display a simple yet handsome aesthetic and the creative pairing of heavy objects with those more delicate, rustic with modern, and the practical with the whimsical, Walton hopes to inspire her clientele.  

    The Good Supply Handmade Housewares and Gifts Midcoast Maine Pemaquid Address Directions

    Cruising down Route 130 on the way to the Pemaquid beach or Pemaquid Point, you’ll see a new sign across the street from Hammond Lumber.  Take notice, and stop in The Good Supply Wednesdays through Sundays from 10am to 6pm.  Whether you’re looking for a special item for yourself or a gift for someone else - you’re sure to find something that will please.  


    The Good Supply, located at 2106 Bristol Road on the Pemaquid Peninsula, is dedicated to promoting a network of regional artisans whose handiwork is expressive in beauty or handsomeness, smartly utilitarian, or both.  Store hours are Wednesdays through Sunday, 10am to 6pm.  


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