The Good Supply

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Our Mission:  Cultivate creativity and community.  Support those who make by hand.  

The Good Supply is a Maine small business that advocates for the creative community by organizing artisans and curating quality handmade housewares and gifts for you. 

Founded in 2012 by Catherine Walton, The Good Supply follows in the footsteps of its much-respected mentor Bitters Co. Commonalities include a passion for the people behind the work, traditional craftsmanship, and an appreciation for unique design.

In addition to curating the collection found on this website, The Good Supply runs a seasonal storefront out of a lightly-built 150-year old barn in Pemaquid, Maine and works with collaborating artisans to develop their business plans. 

The quality handmade items found here are meant to inspire you whether you’re a maker yourself or a person on a mission to gift.

This concept, site, and the items found here will forever be evolving.  New work will be added frequently, and certain one-of-a-kind items may never appear again.  After all, it's the nature of the artist to move on with inspiration...

What will always remain is our motivation to bring you heirloom quality housewares and gifts that will be used, admired, and treasured for years to come.


Photos by: Kathi McFarland Bahr, Sarah Culver, and Catherine Walton

Our Team: Catherine Walton, Head Curator & Karl McLetchie

Married on September 8, 2012 - yes, the height of The Good Supply's first season - the stories of our current team members are intertwined.

Catherine Walton is from the South Carolina lowcountry. Growing up, she 'assisted' (a.k.a. watched) her father as he worked wood, canvas, and leather. Many noteworthy items came into being in his workshop, and Catherine took notice. She pursued art. 

Karl McLetchie hails from New Hampshire. His Scottish grandfather invested in land on the Maine coast in the 1950s. Spending summers with the Atlantic Ocean as his backdrop, Karl followed a call to Ocean Exploration.

When Catherine and Karl met in 2005, he brought her to Maine.

He taught her carpentry as they built a home for his parents. The natural beauty of the state, the sun, and the joy of manual labor sealed their fate. They decided to return to Maine at a later date to extend the honeymoon of that first summer. Flash forward seven years of crucial work experience and cherished friendships...

Today, their artist-engineer backgrounds translate easily into their designer-maker realities. A self-assigned commitment to bettering their community has resulted in what you see here.

The Good Supply is a young company, and both Catherine and Karl hope to grow old with it. Their downtime and projects (think 200-year old house-type projects) in beautiful rural Maine are documented on Instagram and Facebook


Store Hours: 

Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 


Location & Directions: 

The Good Supply, 2106 Bristol Road, Pemaquid, ME 04558

Coming from Portland: I-295 North. Go 22 miles. Exit 28 - Coastal Rte. 1 toward Bath/Brunswick.  Go 25 miles. Exit US Rte. 1B toward Rte. 129/130.  See Damariscotta directions below.

Coming from Camden:  Coastal Rte. 1 South. Go 2 miles. Take right onto Rte. 90 West.  Go 10 miles until Rte. 90 rejoins Rte. 1 South.  Take right onto Rte. 1 South. Go 14 miles. Take left turn onto US. Rte 1B toward Rte. 129/130.  Go 2.5 miles.  Take left at light onto Rte. 129.  See Damariscotta directions below.

Coming from Damariscotta: Follow Rte. 129 to Rte. 130.  Bear left at fork.  Go 7 miles.  1st left after Hammond Lumber.

Coming from New Harbor or the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Rte 130/Bristol Road.  1st right after Bristol Library.